2010 Penny Stocks

2010 penny stocks
What are some good penny stocks for 2010?

What are some good penny stocks for 2010?

Man that is a tough one. Best thing I always do with penny stocks is hold them for a small profit or loss and then move on. these stocks lack any real long-term viability. In the past few days (January 28) people have played JALSY, JHYW, RVBF, etc. Now next week everyone may move on to something entirely different. Your goal should be short term holds – anywhere from intraday to a few days. Some will disagree on that but I consistently do 10-30% gains doing it just like that.

A good key is to remove the emotion from it. You make a set % or lose a set % you move on. Don’t dwell or hope for the next 1000% gainer. Those are few and far between and will stress you out. If you want to get ona few good penny stock lists that do decent numbers with no gaps I would check out http://www.otcpicks.com and http://www.beaconequity.com

A good forum with a crazy good chatroom is http://www.stockhideout.com – Now if you have $$ to play with those guys in there can snag huge winners sometimes. It is all about comfort level.

(OTC) GRNO Penny Stock Video Update 08/05/2010

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