Stocks To Buy Now

stocks to buy now
Are AIG, Citigroup, JPMorgan good stocks to buy now?

Despite the current economic condition and having being bailed out by the US Government on several occasions, it’s good to buy now because they’re all have low prices at the moment.

But are they too risky to buy? Are they good or not for investment at this stage of the economy? Unless people are predicting their share price is going to get even higher in the future.

JPM is a good company…just look at how its stock price rebound…many are saying that the economy hasn’t gotten better that quickly…so we might have a bear rally coming soon…but so far…it hasn’t happened…so if you can wait…buy it later…

If you can’t wait…and you believe that in the long run…JPM will worth more than it’s current stock price…then you should buy. But once you buy…no matter what happens later like when it drops…don’t ever sold until you get a gain.

Stocks To Buy Now And Market Advice

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