Oil Penny Stocks

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Oil & Gas price are rising – would buying Victoria Oil & Gas on the AIM stock market be wise ? at 22 pence?

Victoria Oil & gas ( London stock market ticker = VOG ) has agreements with russian gas & oil giant Gazprom, last year its share price was 77 pence a share, now it is 22 pence, it has a large number of oil wells it owns the liscences to 100 % , in Russia, its agreements with Gazprom are apparently unkown, could this be ripe for a take over in the coming few years, can i strike black gold ? if i invest in this company.

Right now UK is not Russia’s ‘best friend’ (at least, not now we have tightened up on Money Laundering) ..

… so the price most likely reflects political concerns .. (any ’100%’ agreement with Gazprom can quickly turn into a ’0%’ deal ..)

PS, I would be EXTREAMLY concerned if I saw a report that said :-
“its agreements with Gazprom are apparently unkown”
.. I would take that to mean ‘unlikley to be honoured’ …

Personally I would not touch it with a bargepole ….

Embassy Oil Development Corporation (BITCF) Penny Stock Trading Chart_1/31/2014

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