Online Stock Trading Penny Stocks

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where can i buy Penny stocks online (UK)?

im 14 and very interested in buying and trading stocks, normal stocks would be way out of my price range being a teenager so i thought i should start out with penny stocks. i am looking for stocks from £5-£15.

You can buy shares for UNDER a penny i.e.0.34 on the AIM and obviously the more you buy at this price.the more you make IF it then goes to over 2p> you have made a rather nice profit,but you have to deal with the profit takers so watch what the market is doing,ASK A PARENT to buy any that you feel will rise after you have researched them,as at 14 you cannot buy from dealer’s on your own,
online stockbrokers >, is an excellent site and the paper has details of the majority of AIM shares listed,on the back page of Company News:take a look at Small Caps,it gives details of cheap shares rising or falling.

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