Great Penny Stocks

great penny stocks
Anyone have a great Stock Idea?

I have a couple stocks in mind right now, but both are penny shares. Does anyone have any inside thought as to a good stock to buy right now that should have a high return? Thanks

This would all depend on your position strategy. How long you plan to hold on to it. I myself am of the opinion that the age old adage of buy and hold is no longer effective. That’s just my personal bias.

The way I play the market is to find a relatively good stock that I want or wouldn’t mind owning and pick a price I’m comfortable purchasing it at. Then I sell naked PUT’s on it. This gives me a premium I get to keep irregardless whether it’s put to me or not. I’ve already made money on it. When or if the price pulls back to that level I’m not bothered by it being put to me. If it does get put to me, I then sell covered CALL’s on it at a higher price from where I made the purchase; usually a couple of dollars higher. I again get paid a premium on the option and get to keep it irregardless whether it gets called away from me. I also won’t buy a stock that doesn’t offer options as there’s no protection against a loss.

It’s my belief now that energy and tech stocks are the best performers on the long haul.

Best penny stocks 2014 – (My Picks)

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