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How can I learn more about a penny stock I have in my schwab account?

I am somewhat of a novice investor, but I purchased a penny stock and I’m trying to understand why yahoo! will only show 5 days of trading history when I have clearly owned the stock for 5 weeks. Google won’t even recognize the ticker symbol, and schwab shows limited history as well. I tried asking this once and it got deleted, someone please help!

Penny stocks, or pink sheet stocks, are so thinly traded, that they are not tracked by schwab, thestreet.com, bloomberg, etc. so you can’t get the information as readily as you can larger, more established companies. You can call Schwab and ask your broker for an update. You can also go on the company website and see if there is any investor information. Before you buy a stock, you should look at the financials of the company. If you do not have that information, ask the company for it. Tell them you are an investor, and you want the company financials, quarterlies, updates,etc.-to be added to their mailing list. On some company websites, you can actually sign up to receive investor information by email. If it is a very new, small company, that may not be available to you via email. Good luck! Hope you have a winner. Those penny stocks are very difficult– it’s not like buying Google- where you can find everything at your fingertips!

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