Penny Stock Investment

penny stock investment
Whats you favorite penny stocks?

I am look to gamble, I mean invest in a few penny stocks. A small investment (gamble of $10 hoping it will grow to $50-$100). Any thoughts? I am not looking to make a killing just increase my current portfolio, which is a dividend heavy long term type of thing. They do not have to be a day trade type of thing I don’t mind sitting on a stock I bought for cheap as it grows because its a new company.

ZNNMF. They are an electric car company based in Toronto that uses a battery/untracapacitor that they say could make an electric vehicle capable of traveling up to 500 miles on a 5 minute charge.

In California there is Tesla Motors that uses Japanese Lithium metal oxide batteries. But their 2 seat sports car costs about $100,000. Zenn says their car will affordable.

Penny Stock Investing – Making A Fortune From Small Cap Companies

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