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Secret Stock Promo is a subscription-based newsletter created by David Green,one of the world’s leading mavens on low-priced stock investing as well as penny share promotion.

Plenty of you might already be familiar David Green’s story as a broke unemployed pa who inside a brief period of time was earningfive-figures weekly, with penny stocks and shares. With the launching of Secret Stock Promo David is sharing the insights and systems he used to make as much as $50,000 every month, all due to penny shares.

David Green’s unique system is a two-part plan to earning profits from micro-cap stocks, more frequently known as ‘penny stocks. ‘ The 1st is based entirely on penny stock trading secrets, and the second, utilizes low-priced share promotion to multiply potential gains. This is the key to life-changing wealth with penny shares.

What separates Secret Stock Promo from your characteristic stock newsletter sites is the extensive level of info provided when you sign up as a Premium Member, as well as the exclusive entry into his more advanced “Green Promoter Program.” As Green says,” The Green Promoter Programme is the first of its kind that permits the average low priced stock trader an opportunity to make life-changing income.”

Premium Members of Secret Stock Promo are supplied with weekly insights and stock picks offered by David Green himself. Premium members also receive an extensive training guide, with unique revelations and strategies which will satisfy both amateur and expert traders, as well as an exclusive 10-part video training on the right way to spot penny share breakouts, learn basic and technical analysis and boost your overall potential profit by understanding how to properly trade penny shares.

David Green’s more advanced “Green Promoter Program,” teaches members how they can profit not only from trading penny shares, but multiply their profits by learning the hidden secrets to low priced stock promotion.

The world of low-priced share promotion is not known to most penny stock traders, but David Green provides some glorious understanding of not only how you can profit from trading promoted penny stocks and shares, but also how you can significantly boost your profit potential as a promoter.

This program is the first of its kind, and I must say I'm fully impressed with what I have received as both a Premium Member, and a Green Promoter member. The Green Promoter programme actually is the first of its kind, because of the unbelievable opportunity it offers.

David’s picks have been spot on, and the technical analysis coaching was so helpful. I have essentially been trading for a long while without knowing some awfully elementary talents that I have now managed to master, thanks to the training the Premium Membership provides.

Secret Stock Promo is not just meant for those who are knowledgeable about the stock market, though they will find plenty here to make the lifetime subscription an extraordinary price. Green also provides assistance to beginner traders who are unaware of stock market dealing. Green’s quick-start plan will teach new members step by step how to set up an internet trading account, deposit money in it andbe in a position to trade within 48 hours.

Secret Stock Promo also has a100% satisfaction refund“if inside 8 weeks you try the program and are unhappy for any cause, all you've got to do is e-mail and ask for the acquisition price back and it is going to be given, no questions asked. As a current member, I've been thrilled with not simply the results, but also the in depth data I have gained thanks to the instructions and video training series that's included with the Premium Membership. The training is also divided up into weekly sessions, so it isn't too overwhelming to learn. After a couple of weeks, you’ll begin to notice how much knowledge you have gained simply by going through the weekly training videos.

An one-time charge of $97 is a comprehensive bargain for lifetime access to David Green’s weekly understanding, training and stock picks. The Green Promoter Programme has completely opened my eyes up to the unbelievable profitability in the world of promoted penny stocks, and I just can't wait to start using the methods I've learned how to multiply my profit potential.

If you want to know more about David Green’s Secret Stock Promo you should visit my site and read my Secret Stock Promo review now…

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