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Surfs Up In Hawaii

You may not be aware of it, but surfing is a Polynesian sport that dates back several hundred years. Europeans first saw it when they visited Tahiti in 1767.  Hawaii of course was settled by Polynesian immigrants from Tahiti about one thousand years ago, and brought the activity with them. It was in Hawaii that surfing initially caught on with Euro-Americans back in 1907.

While scheduling your Hawaii surfing vacation, keep in mind that the islands boast two key seasons for this activity.  You should decide on the time of year if feasible in respect to your surfing experience and ability. The winter months, November through March, are best suited for expert surfers, as the waves soar twenty five feet or more as they crash just before the beach. Beginners will want to plan their surfing trip for the summer and fall months between the beginning of June and mid-October, as the waters are less rough. Where better to become skilled at the art of he’enalu than with the natives who invented surfing? Bring a couple friends and book your beach vacations spots early to come across just the right location to call home.

Difficulty levels can also contrast from one part of Hawaii to another. Of course, Oahu is where the majority of of the well-known surfing beaches are experienced, and Waiamea Bay is probably the most famous of them all. Waiamea Bay and other surfing places  such as Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline are a more advanced surfer’s paradise when waves created by winter storms in the Aleutians come swirling south. In the summer, amateur surfers will want to go to Waikiki on the south side.  These waves are the outcome of the austral winter storms off Antarctica and have a great deal further to travel and thus they are much gentler waves and better for learners.

Because Oahu’s surfing areas are so well known and visited, you might be competing with a lot of other guests for space. A less crowded choice is Kauai. Hanalei Bay on the north side provides difficult waves for veteran surfers, while Poipu and Kalapi to the south are better for learners.

Visitors to Hawaii may select Kauai as their destination for factors other than surfing by the way. Just because most families head for Oahu does not mean that Kauai does not have more than its share of fun interests. Kauai, which was the last island to exist under Kamehameha’s rule back in 1810, only when the island’s ultimate ruler died without a successor, is not referred to as the Garden Island for nothing.  This luxuriant paradise presents mountain inner tubing and kayaking along jungle rivers as well as hiking and bed breakfasts, a number of which can only be reached by means of helicopter. In fact, the Kauai helicopter tour is a popular choice of visitors.

Hawaii is a tourists paradise with spectacular surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling and magnificent views of the mountainous landscape beside the stunning blue ocean.  Delicious food and drink, lovely friendly people and native music mix to make Hawaii a vacation to never forget. 

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