Penny Stock Message Board

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Where have all the good stock market message boards gone?

The only ones active are all penny stock related. Anyone know of any good ones besides Yahoo, MSN? Even those are lacking.

You can try
In my opinion it is one of the best. Depending on the stock, you’ll find lots of knowledgeable investors or traders…they also have boards for different ” sectors”
Once you log on you can look around the site at the different boards and read the types of messages…if you like it and want to post your own questions or messages, you have to register…no problem, they seem to have a very ” professional” administration staff.
The only other one I know of is Valueforum…but it’s a ” subscription” site… don’t remember the prices off-hand, but if you’re really into ” trading” there are a couple of ” gurus” with good stats that post there. ( Saw it discussed at length on an Investor’s Village board!)

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