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Investing in stock markets / currencies etcetc…?

I would like to know about how to invest, where to go and what to do, lol, i would like software like forex (even though its a scam, but something legit) that would let me invest in penny stocks, currencies or anything, instant ones would be great, and preferably one that doesnt have a minimum balance, say i could put £100 in rather then have a minimum of 2k :) i saw auto systems, and im hearing alot about investing in stocks and companys and shiz, but from the beggining i have no clue where to start …


£100 ,well you could begin to invest in a portfolio builder account on this site -
look on the left hand side and click on portfolio builder UNDER share dealing
as you can see its extremely cheap to buy shares each month plus you can stop whenever you want..

Penny Stock Software (Part 1 of 2)

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