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in the stock market

Understanding The Stock Market Ticker

Reading the stock market ticker can be difficult if you have no previous experience with the ticker or the stock market. There are several different types of information present on the ticker and generally people break it down into five different sections. Once you understand the five different types of information you will be able to quickly decipher the information being presented.


Basically there are five different types of information that can be found on a ticker. The very first ticker was transmitted using a telegraph but today it is sent digitally and anyone can access it.


You will then find information on whether this stock price is low or high compared to the price per share for that stock for the previous day and is generally related to the previous day’s closing value. Finally the last piece of information is the change from yesterday’s closing value and the current trading price as the current trading price can change over the course of the day.


This comparison is strictly based off of the stock’s closing price for the previous day. The trading price can fluctuate during the day so in order to be able to always get a comparison the closing price was chosen.


The information on the ticker can also be color coded as this shows if a specific stock is doing better than the previous day or worse. A red color indicates that the price per share is less than yesterday and a green color states that the price is higher than yesterday. Originally the stock market ticker was transmitted through telegraph but today it is available digitally.


There are many websites and financial sites that offer the ability to download the stock market ticker. You do not need to pay for these services but you may need to register at the site. Yahoo is a great type financial websites that can provide great stock market information.

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