Penny Stock Gains

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Has anyone here ever made consistent gain in penny stocks?

Beginning investor…in learning process just want to know if its worth it overall to invest in penny stocks.

Stock brokers do very well when you trade penny stocks.

The number one mistake of new investors is getting involved in penny stocks. This should be after years of investing experience. I must tell you though…… most professionals won’t go near them (hopefully that tells you something).

The number one draw is that penny stocks are cheap and a small move can mean a large percentage gain. Real success in the market involves lots of small gains not big ones. The typical experienced trader tries for many small gains. Their number one goal is to reduce risk & loss.

Do yourself a major favor. Read a few books on investing and trading. Don’t pick books from “media” gurus. Start off with the “dummy” series and work your way on to others. Read at least one (or 2) books on the psychology of trading. If you don’t….. all the rest can be a waste of time.

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