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Which is The Best Stock Screener for Penny Stocks?

I found a cool blog on penny stocks and pink sheets, but I want to know what is the best stock screener for penny stocks? This blog has listed one, but I want to know what you guys think?

Here is the blog I found –

Thanks for your help

please don’t buy a penny stock.
they are really not worth the headache…and the pinksheets aren’t as easy to trade. These are all exchanged over the counter (OTC) which means there is not a Floor Broker buying your shares into a pool. If you want to unload, and there are no buyers…you are screwed.
If you are really hell-bent on making some fast money, i would recommend looking into Forex.
The burn I have found and learned through Pennies is that they do not list their financials in a timely fashion and are generally not reliable for their information. I am averaging 144% this year with my Equity Investments, so I do know how to do an Intrinsic Analysis of a Stock…but with Pennies you are literally flying blind.
Besides….with most of the blogs i have found pertaining to these stocks, they are generally operated either by a boiler room, or are in a close association with one. These things pop up and shut down quick, fast and in a hurry…which should be a clear indication of the severity of messing with this crap.

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