Penny Stocks Free

penny stocks free
Is there any free trials for the Stock Market Level II Programs?

?? I have some penny stocks

Most people get level 2 quotes one of two ways:

- pay for it
- have enough money in a brokerage account that you get it for free

Since you are looking to sell, you have hopefully realized that penny stocks are a foolish speculation. Level 2 quotes are not going to help you sell them. You’ll be lucky to find one bid for most of them, so seeing the (non-existent) market depth would not be useful.

EDIT: There are a few responders on Yahoo Answers who have managed money professionally, myself included. There are quite a few individual investors who clearly have a good level of knowledge and experience.

As a professional investor of 30+ years, I would expect to lose money in penny stocks. I would expect a newbie to do far worse, probably losing everything quickly, and not even understanding why they lost money.

I have no problem with a high risk high reward speculation. I do have a problem with taking stupid risks.

There is no way I could ever recommend penny stocks to anyone in good conscience.

- Poor liquidity
- No professional analyst coverage
- Insufficient information for proper analysis
- Most are buried in debt, have zero revenues, or are so tiny they shouldn’t be public.
- Some are outright frauds.
- ALL penny stock websites are pump and dump scams. I have never seen a legit one.

The negativity toward penny stocks is simply good sound advice.

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