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peter leeds
I want to invest in penny stocks?

Did anyone ever used “”, “ (by peter leeds)”, “” to get useful and profitable tips on the latest penny stocks. These firms will provide the latest moving stock for an annual fee. Are these places even worthed. What is the best source to go to to get useful info on penny stocks?

You definitely need to get educated before you invest. Penny stocks are risky but if you are fast you can make $$. Remember most of these companies are short term buys – measured in days. Set a nice profit mark you want to hit and get out. Also set a small loss % – say 10% and adhere to it. Your goal is to make good money – not hit some miraculous home run. Several sites that can get you going for free include and

A really good forum for penny stock trading that has a fantastic chatroom is

All 3 of these sites have picks they release but unlike most they release at market open, not the night prior. This prevents the notorious penny stock gap up. You can make money off of these if you pay attention. This is not your 401k where you just allocate and forget about it.

Cannot stress enough – get on amazon, get a few books. Find a good broker. Pennies are always a pain when it comes to execution due to the illiquid nature. Personally I trade enough to where I’m an etrade power pro user and it has decent fills.

Peter Leeds – Penny Stock Investor

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