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Stock Trading Robot Review – Is Marl Stock Trading Robot Scam?

Marl the stock trading robot is a new stock picking software developed by Michael Cohen at DoublingStocks. It has certainly gain a lot of attention since it claims it can accurate predict penny stock movements.

So is Marl stock trading robot scam?

Well, to answer that questions, it is important to learn more about the doubling stocks newsletter program. By the way, because it cost so much money to develop the penny stock robot program, when you subscribe to doublingstocks, you don´t actually get to use Marl.

Instead, Michael will email his subscribers for the best penny stock picks weekly based on predictions from Marl the stock trading robot.

I think this is a better arrangement as the program is pretty complex and a lot of people would have problems using it if Michael have simply given it as a penny stock tool. It would also take some learning as well as the user having technical stock trading experience to be able to use it to its full potential.

So what is supplied with the weekly penny stock picks and are they winners?

Every week, you will be given between 7 to 10 penny stock picks to place trades with your broker or do it yourself online. They will provide a detail explanation of why a particular penny stock is chosen, when to buy and when to sell based on the price point.

So this makes it a dumb proof way of allowing even the most novice penny stock trader to make money in penny stocks.

Of course not every trade and every pick by Marl the stock trading robot is going to be a winner but so far from my own experience, you can get 7 out of 10 penny stock picks to be winners every week.

DoublingStocks is suitable for novices who are interested in making money in penny stocks but aren´t too proficient in penny stock trading. It is also suitable for people who are busy and simply don´t have the time to sit down and analyze penny stock trends all day.

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