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just opened a scottstrade account today with 500$ and looking to see what are good stocks to invest in?

i had a mutual fund at one time and i was making a bit, but my broker never warned me on limit orders and stop loss or just when to sell.. and now its on the downward death spiral. id like to try this on my own this round. but help would be greatly appreciated on advice at stocks to look at.and possibly buy into. what would be some good gainers to try? and why? and maybe a few good penny stocks that maybe up for a good percent return, just the hell of it lol. thanks for any help.

yea…only commissions..pretty much no many stocks to invest.. why open with scottrades…they only offer like 10 free trade if you have code when you sign up…why not sogotrade. Personally, I think Sogotrade is best among all online brokerages. You can get a lot of free trades: about 100 free trades with 500 minimum deposits. It has very good customer services, it also has live help, and you can chat with representatives about any question. After that, only 3 dollar for each trade, pretty sweet when compared with other online brokerages.
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