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stock trade
How to trade in indian stock market from home?

I would like to trade shares in indian stock markets (bse or nse) but don’t have enough information to start going. What is the minimum amount that should be invested to trade online(directly). I just joined in a job of 15k. So I would like to know what all options I have in stock trading? Any kind of help is welcome.

Open an savings account with ICICI bank or HDFC bank with DEMAT account and trading . ICICI bank guides you how to trade and operate online trading . Their web site has link which teaches you chapter by chapter how to operate account and guide you for investment. It is very simple. Minimum balance to be maintained in saving account is Rs. 5000/= . There is no restriction on minimum amount to invest or trade. Brokerage charged is 0.75% but there is minimum brokerage they charge appx Rs. 35 per transaction
So if you trade with very low amount say below Rs 3500 , brokerage charges will be very high in percentage and your profit may go in brokerage. So it is better to trade or invest above Rs 4000/= per transaction.

Visit or or SEBI site for further information.

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