Penny Stock Fortunes

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I’ve had some good fortune with a couple of penny stocks. I now get lots of E-mails from lots of companies promoting “the next penny stock that will skyrocket”. All of these stocks start going up significantly before the promotion starts. I once saw an advertisement for a newsletter or website that claimed it could give information on stocks that were about to be heavily promoted. I’ve never been able to find it again. Anyone know of this website or something similar. It would be a big help to anyone investing in penny stocks if they can do what say.

No, those penny stocks are way too risky. Those penny stocks are scams. There is this strategy among investors called “Pump and Dump”. This means they buy the penny stock. Heavily advertise points that really don’t exist and make you buy the stock. When enough investors buy the stock, they dump it, making a tidy profit. Leaving you with a useless investment in a company that doesn’t actually make a lot of money.

The websites I would trust would be The Motley Fool. But don’t subscribe for anything. If an article is written on that site on penny stocks, it’s usually backed up by good evidence.

The Primary Keys to Penny Stock Fortunes

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