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I started up penny stocks online through Sharebuilder and penny stock funds as well will I get rich?

Penny stocks have a huge return when they’re doing good…even just a little bit. Let me tell you some of the ones I’m buying Lehman Aggressive Bond Fund I Shares, S&P 500 Index Spider, Kati Industries, and Sirius Sattelite Radio. I did the research on the groups. O.K. two are funds the other two are penny stocks. Anyway people who know about stocks are these good ones that I have right now, will I profit alot on these? Also, what are the sure fire penny stocks that you know that are guaranteed to blow up and make everybody rich who buys these penny stocks? Name me some… I’ll go buy them! I’m talking about penny stocks that are going to become the next big companies holding the economy down in America like Walmart, Mc Donald’s, Microsoft, Coca-Cola,etc. when they were penny stocks. I’m looking for those potential ones right now. I’m a risk taker so let me know some.

Hi, i know what your question means. i also think stock market is a nice place for investing.

I found some useful tips in stock trading. It includes stock basics, how to protect your profit, find a potential increase share, control and manage stock risk, when to sell/buy stock and so on.

Best Wishes && Good Luck!

How to Make Money from Penny Stocks 100 INDEX

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