Penney Stocks

penney stocks
i would like to get opinions on a penney stock that trades in canada?

the company name is freewest resources symbol fwr it trades at about 33 cents , it is exlporing a property in nothern ontario canada, called the ring of fire it has found some good early drill samples, but i would like to know more from some one who has some expertise in geology to evaluate this company and it’s potential ?

The Canadian over the counter mining and drilling stocks are almost a scam. Many have been and many are subject to pump and dump schemes.

Most of those stocks go bust. Check it out. Very few make money. It is a great way for you to lose.

That is not investing, it is more like gambling. They ALL claim good prospects. They rarely pan out.

J.C. Penney | Stock of the Day – 2/27/14 | The Motley Fool

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