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penny stocks us
Which Stock To Buy For Economy?

I’m taking an Economics class in high school and we are having a stock competition amongst the classes.

The teacher gave us $100,000 (hypothetical) to buy stocks. However we cannot buy mutual funds. This competition looks fun but i don’t know how stocks work and what stocks to buy. This contest will go from this Thursday, September 23, to end of January.

People are telling me to buy penny stocks because they’re cheap and you could buy a lot.

Any recommendation for stocks?

Penny stocks are 99% scams if they’re not on the major exchanges(NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX)

I daytrade stocks for a living and I’m going to give you GUARANTEED winners

ADBE(just dropped 15% after good earnings today and will regain 20% in the next 3 coming months)

NFLX(WILL double within a year so look for a 25% rise between now and January)

BP(Look for a 15% rise as it’s just sealed the Macondo well and it’s well below fair value)

IRE(Ireland bank just got relief and trading 75% below fair value this is an easy double and is micro play)

NBG(Look for at LEAST 20% increase between now and January; stock was battered from heated financial meltdown but always rebounds)

DSCM(Look for a 40% return, it always does like clock work; beautiful chart)

COCO(Will TRIPLE by April; for profit school stock battered from soon to be delayed legislation on November 2/elections)

EDMC(Will easily get a 10% return in the next month, same situation as COCO; both are on the rebound)

Again..NEVER touch pinksheets/penny stocks they ARE scams. Most that have big gains have continuous reverse splits which throws off the history of the stock for new investors and that’s where they get caught and lose

BUY THIS PENNY STOCK NOW!!! -USEI US Energy Initiatives Corporation, Inc.

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