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free stock picks

I am a day trader, i trade in nse/bse stock any one here can tell me help me getting the information about picking up the stock moving up or moving down or can move up or down, auto buy/sell signal so that i can trade.
If any one know any website, free software, chatrooms where i can pick the stocks to trade please mail me i will b very much oblige thanking you.

Since I find you look quite desperate in your intraday trading, I would like you to give some tricks of the trade. Of course free of cost !!
1. Don’t try to take a big hand in one shot. BE A SCALPER.
It means try to do small trades and take small profits in maximum number of times in one trading session. you may incur loss also in several small trades. But the cumulative effect of the total sum may give you the required profit for the day.

2. Use Intraday charts for seeing the trend of the stock chosen. e.g. from icicidirect, yahoo finance etc.

3. Never try to trade against the trend of the stock & the market.

4. Always remain watchful for the overall effect of the market/index on the stock chosen.

5. Before starting the trade or choosing the stock it is always wise to watch it’s previous charts and graph to find out it’s (a) pattern of movement, (b) range of movement, (c) trend of movement and of course (d) support and resistance level for every range.

6. Always try to trade between the support and resistance level.

7. Always use limit prices and stoploss if possible.

And Lastly
8. Be confident, dececive and don’t get emotionally attached to the stock.
9. Don’t ever try to defeat or control the market or the stock or even never be revengeful to them.
10. Choose the stock whose trading volume is large i.e. it should not be <75000.

If you find all these things difficult and want that someone should feed you the "paka - pakaya khana". Then you should try the following website. It is all free :


Best Of Luck and
Wish you a very happy and PROFITABLE New Year!!

-- Nitya

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