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about penny stocks

The DayTrading Robot: Make Money Fast With Penny Stocks

I’m sure you have heard about The Day Trading Robot Newsletter by now because it is taking the world of day trading by storm. The confusing thing for some may be that there are actually two different products for sale from the Day Trading Robot website. One is the software which makes the picks which costs over $100,000 per year currently and the other is the newsletter which contains the latest stock picks by the software and it’s availbale for less than $100 lifetime. This second choice is far less expensive really just as effective.

The Day Trading Robot works in the penny stock markets because penny stocks are the ones that have the largest percentage gains in the shortest amount of time. If you want to make a lot of money in a short amount of time then you won’t find much success trading the high priced “blue chip” stocks because they are already near peak levels. This is quite obvious when you think about it. The whole game of making money on the stock market is picking the stocks which have the highest percentage gain, not the highest price gain. That’s a very important concept you must understand so that you can understand why this software picks penny stocks.

When you are on the website for The Day Trading Robot Newsletter you will find amazing video evidence of the incredible power of this stock picking software. On 12/16/2008, the Day Trading Robot selected the stock TLLE when it was available for just 13 cents. By the next day that same stock was over 40 cents. It doesn’t take a genius in math to understand that 40 is more than three times as high as 13.

A very simple example of how much money you can make with a 300% gain is to imagine that you put $1000 into a stock that goes from 13 cents to 39 cents. That’s exactly 300%. Instead of $1000 you would now have $4000. And if you sell it at 39 cents then you’ve made $3000 in just one day. You could trade blue chip stocks for years and never make a net 300% gain. That’s the logic behind trading penny stocks.

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