Profitable Penny Stocks

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What’s more profitable investing in penny stocks or Blue chip stocks?

Which one is more likely to make me a very wealthy person? I’m only in it for the wealth….I’m not even going to lie to ya. LOL Can a person get rich off of one share of a Blue Chip being that it keeps on reinvesting itself over a course of 3 years. Example: If I had 1 share of Wal-Mart stock and I just kept it for about 5 years. How much money would I see being that the profits just reinvest into the share?

you might see no profit or you might lose money – there are no guarantees of making money with investing in stock or bonds or mutual funds

nothing increases in value ALL the time – look at house prices – they dropped 20-50% in the last 3 yrs and still haven’t bottomed out in most areas and most stocks lost 30-40% from fall 2007 to spring 2009

you can only “reinvest” if a stock pays dividends and most stocks DO NOT pay dividends and even those that do, can still wind up losing money if the stock price goes down

very few people get even moderately wealthy just from investing and most of those that do – it takes 20-40 yrs before they are wealthy

Penny stocks are about riskiest thing you can invest in – it’s closer to gambling then investing – you might not be able to sell your shares when you want to if all of a sudden everyone who owns that stock all want to sell and there are no buyers

penny stocks have very low trading volumes and you are at risk of insiders manipulating the stock price – if the stock is even ‘real’- watch the movie Boiler Room with Giovanni Ribisi

Establishing Realistic Penny Stock Profitability Expectations

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Profitable Penny Stocks

profitable penny stocks
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Shares outstanding and OTC currency

I recommend this site for investors and traders as well, because it is full of information that is essential for those who have something to do with the stock market. I was looking online for a while before I met him and I had to search through many sites useless. OTC weather is great for many reasons. If you are looking for a free list of penny stocks, for example, it is interesting to take a look at your web page is already what you need.

If you've never heard time counter and if you do not know what I'm about to try to imagine the New York Times and penny investment as a whole. The CTA Times has a right to be called this way: they publish articles online on the best penny stocks, they are essentially an online journal. Penny stocks associated with the OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets OTC exchanges and purchase of stocks penny more and more popular nowadays.

This site is a great unknown to find penny stocks active and make a profit from them. OTC Times really seems to know everything on the OTC market and profitable penny stocks. They seek of penny stocks and more connected each day and ensure that traders and investors become aware of them.

Since penny stock investing is so popular today, more companies listed, but many of them can not succeed because they are unknown. Times, OTC items put on the map of these unknown companies and published in the market. Always choose only the best companies, those who show great potential. Investors also help a lot, so their incomes rise faster and stay well longer.

I liked that there are several tables and lists of penny stocks on its website, and a wealth of information on OTC stocks and the market over the counter. I think it's also a great place for those who do not know much about the stock market, because here you can really find everything you need to know. Graphics show the benefits of certain companies rose very high in a few days, on the other hand, managed to maintain its high profitability for weeks or months. It really made me see how this company is professional.

If you want to buy penny stocks or a business that we may need help, the Times-counter are the best place to go. Just visit their site and register to receive alerts on values. Ultimately, you will be the profit of all this, regardless of the fact that you are an investor or trader.

I Want Power…What Is The Best Way To Invest In The Energy Sector?

At present I am sitting on a hunk of change earning pennies in a “high” yield savings account. I want to move this money into something more profitable. Up until now my two ex-lovers managed my money very successfully earning 110% profits during the internet boom and 40% profits in retail over the past four years. However, in between I poorly invested in Fidelity mutual funds. I’ve since sold my S&P fund, but I still have about $5,000 in Computers (Select).

Question #1: Keep the Fidelity Computers or sell and cut losses?

Question #2: What is the best way to invest in the energy sector avoiding penny stocks, junk bonds, shorting and high risk? Please advise for both long and short term investments.

Question #3: Where should I start my research? I am not looking for stock tips—instead give me tools to educate myself to bring in greater profits than my ex-lovers did.


Thank you!

Some suggestions for you to research.
XLE, an ETF that tracks the big energy companies listed on S&P 500.
APA, an attractive oil drilling and exploration company.
GRP, oil drilling equipment.
JOYG, coal mining equipment

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