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Small Cap / Penny Stocks Help!?

Hi Guys Im really struggling here.

I have been reading about penny stocks and small cap shares and im so confused i know that they can provide the biggest gains but are the more risky compared to the bigger Shares:

But i just cant find out where i can invest in some are they in the London stock exchange if so what category are they under AIM or am i wrong

If not where can i invest them what site ect any links? and news on them…

Thanks to any one who awnsers :) x

Don’t waste your time or your money!

If you’ve got enough dosh to buy 1,000 shares of something trading at 20p a share, buy ONE share of British Airways instead…

Over 95% of “Penny stocks” go out of business after being “pumped & dumped” (usually by the same people that set up the company), think about it, the ONLY reason a stock would be cheap is because it isn’t worth anything! If it HAD a future, other investors would already have bid the price up!

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