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Discover Canadian Stock Market Trends

2010 will make the seventh year in a row the Canadian stock market has been performing better then the American stock exchange. Much of this is due to the export of oil, and the strength of metals in Canada.


Canada is one of the world’s top 10 producers of oil. With the cost of this skyrocketing world wide, foreign need on this oil makes it a good choice to invest in. Prices have shown it is not lowering and it shows growth, making investors a good return.


In the latter part of the summer, gold also tends to rise in price. If you invest now, you will be able to make a profit on it when this happens. No figures have been made available on this, but historically this is the case with this metal. Gold very seldom drops in price, and typically increases its value.


Both of these stocks are doing very well on thew stock market, and many analysis of these show that they anticipate for them to continue to do so. Many people are making money on them, and this year is also set to follow in this trend.


Some economists are warning that these trends may not be strong, and you should invest at your own risk, and/or consult a stock broker with any questions you have. Problems might arise with them performing as well as expected, like the American dollar gaining strength and lowering the cost of gold, or foreign need being lowered and oil prices dropping.


The Canadian stock market is set to take full advantage of these trends in the coming year. Any investing you do should be based on your own personal choices and experiences, or you can hire someone to help you analyze trends and make investments you feel good about so you can make money.

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Top Penny Stocks

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