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Penny stock chat expands

Penny Stock Chat

Penny stock chat has expanded with a new site that will allow anyone who runs a trading group of any type to gain their own chat Iframe for their website. All you have to do is ask for your own chat room, we will create it, and create the web chat applet of your choice, you can link to it using our own hosting, or host on your own site if you prefer

We are accepting Forex Stock trading , Commodoties, Bonds, Options, And any other type of trading not mentioned. This service is 100 % free, No catches or strings attatched. We will also provide the service of listing it to web search engines and optimizing the page for search results if needed. We are only trying to build a user base for our chat network. so far we have 1 channel specifically for penny stock trading but we are looking to expand.

Currently we have experienced traders specilizing in finding picks from many different sources and breaking them down to find the best picks. We alert picks from IHUB, Twitter, Sho chatroom, Other private chatrooms, and of course we alert from all major newsletters, but we always examine them to find out if this is a bad promotion in which the newsletter groups or company is trying to dump on. We provide Buy and sell alerts at all times possible.

We are not promoters and do not receive any compensation from companys that we alert, or from third partys, this chat network is ran by the traders and for the traders. and that is how we intend to keep it.


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