Stocks Hot

stocks hot

Curvy and warm – hot water bottle heaven!

We tend to see less of certain furry mammals in winter as hibernation occurs, the opposite applies to the common hot water bottle. It remains out of sight in some cupboard, or under the bed until it senses the first signs of winter. Well, what do you know! There it is at the bottom of the bed

Of course this is nonsense, but I just wanted to highlight that for most of us hot water bottles are aesthetically-challenged objects. I can’t even remember the last time that I actually bought one. Probably it would have been a last-minute idea for my Gran’s Christmas present.

We seem, as a nation, to still be inextricably linked to them. We were once as a nation ridiculed by a Hungarian born author, George Mikes. In his cheeky book ‘How to be an alien’, he mentions “Continental people have sex lives, the English have hot water bottles”. It is possible that there was an element of truth in the parody, especially in the days when designs were bland and uninteresting. These words probably match the average continental person’s view of the way the English have sex.

But wait a minute! Things have changed. Can I believe my eyes, have these things become ‘sexy’? I found a site that other day that stocks many styles and shapes that are different from those that you would normally see. If ever I was looking for unusual giftsto buy, things that you wouldn’t normally find in the high street, this would certainly be the place to start. They have everything here, from buddhas to retro telephones, and most things in between!

If you are primarily interested in hot water bottles, my favourites are those with a cushion shape, like the ‘Giraffe cushion’. These looked extremely comfortable, and may even offer great therapeutic value – especially to sufferers of aching necks and lower backs. For those who care for the environment, they a manufactured using 100% recyclable materials and are guaranteed not to fade.

Rotterdam Calandkanaal: Anatoly Kolodkin, Delta Sailor, Heerma Hermod, Aegir

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