Penny Stocks For Today

penny stocks for today
New to stock trading, are penny stocks a good idea?

Ok so i’m 21 (today was actually my b-day lol) and i managed to save £3000 in my first year of uni. since my liquid wealth isnt enough to buy the big companies like Google and Apple i decided that it would be a good idea to invest in sub penny stocks, say around 50 diffrent comapnies at very low prices (yes i’ve done alot of research and i know to only invest around 5% or less into penny stocks since they’re so volitile. But the thing is i’ll only be investing next to nothing so i cant really lose? Also im planning to hold them for as long as 3 years? Plus i wont just be picking out the stocks, i’ll do a comprehensive research on the companies backgrounds etc

P.S i’ll be using zecco trading, they offer alot of free trades for newbies

Why not just buy ETFs? That way you can get a little bit of everything.

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