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the share market

Learn Share Trading: Top Dog Trading Review

Google ‘Technical Analysis’ on the internet and you will be swamped with choices, but after much digging and researching I un-earthed Top Dog Trading.

Long before I finally started trading Share markets, I always knew that fundamental analysis was out of the question, but interpreting share charts was what I preferred.

What made me decide to take the Top Dog Trading course to learn Share trading?…. A variety of things besides the desire to trade better and to stop depleting my trading account with losses; was that I quickly grasped what Dr Barry Burns was imparting on his website and much or the instruction is reinforced by the detailed videos which makes it much easier to understand and see what he is saying. A further qualifier was Barry’s CV; it is what I wished to see, a business man to whom trading is a business, he is also a accomplished speaker and writer.

So I signed up for his free 5 video course on learning to trade to see if I would feel comfortable with his techniques.

Leading up to this, I had completed several other courses on technical analysis for Share trading but cannot say that I really gained the understanding of share trading that would allow me to become a successful trader, all this changed once I came across Dr Barry Burns, I now feel confident that I can make the business of share trading, a success.

As you progress you will discover that Barry explains the principals simply and clearly, then gives real chart examples with all their erratic moves showing how to make the rules work profitably. This is all explained via a vast selection of videos.

Having completed Barry’s courses I have not only fully comprehended how to execute his methods but also embraced a far deeper knowledge of the Share market & the associated charts but more critically the money management and personal attitudes that are such an important part of becoming a professional Share trader.

Barry’s courses are the best Share trading courses that I have found and I would strongly suggest that you give his FREE course a go. This freebie has 5 videos that ease you into some of the most powerful trading material I’ve ever come across.

Barry teaches methods, which when stuck to, provide a good ratio of winning trades with tight control on the losses, so when one does lose (which all traders do) the hurt is not too severe.

I have completed the course, loved it, and gained a vast amount from it and have gone on to Barry’s more advanced courses. My want to delve more into the world of Share trading has turned out to be very profitable.

Test out Barry’s Free Video Course for yourself, it’ll be the best thing you’ll do!

Learn how the Stock Market Works (9 minutes animation video)

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