A Share Market

a share market
What is the relationship between the share market and economy of a country?

What does the share market do?
What is the role played by the share market in the Australian economy?
What are the impacts of share market activities?
How is the share market associated with the business cycle??

plz help me to understand this…i read through a lot but cant realy get the idea of it..
could anyone plz tell me self experieced in this situation when trying to understand this before buying shares….
10 points for any of your answers

share market is one of the pillar that holds the economy of the country.
if share markets are down then the prices of the companies get down …once the prices goes down it is loss for the company..then they dont have enough capital to run business as their net worth will decrease ….this result in poor quality…..automatically that sector gets down and hence the countrys economy gets down……….

What is the sharemarket? ASX Tutorial

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