Why Penny Stocks

why penny stocks
Why can’t CNBC have a show on penny stocks?

Where they talk about the latest OTC stocks and all. Why do they just have to cover stocks that nobody can afford?

Because you shouldn’t trade penny stocks. While one in a thousand may hit it, the other 999 or so will lose you a ton of money.

Penny stocks are like gambling, except the odds with penny stocks are generally much worse!

The best way to consistently make money in the market is to learn how to trade. How to pick stocks, when to buy them and when to sell them.

Check out some of my other answers if you want details on this.

Anyways, that’s the main reason for why there’s no show on it. It would not be fiscally responsible of CNBC to do.

As for affording stocks, you don’t have to buy 100 shares at a time. You can buy 10 shares of AAPL and hold it or 1 share of GOOG, etc.

Learn first, then invest!

Why Penny Stocks Always Go Down?

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