Penny Stock Hot Picks

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I have $1000 left with me after I diversified $9000 in buying Microsoft and Apple stocks.?

I plan to invest this 1000 in penny stocks, know its very risky, but willing to take the risks. Would it be good if i sign up with any penny stock newsletter to get updates, so that i can analyze and pick hot penny stocks?

you really want to GAMBLE with that much money? that’s what fooling around with penny stocks is – gambling – you could easily and quickly lose everything – thereby wiping out any gains you might make with the other $9000 for the next couple of years – newsletters are useless for Penny stocks

you better do a lot of research with anything you think about investing in PS-wise

lots of those companies have ZERO sales and/or MAJOR expenses and very little in sales, which makes ANY stock price totally meaningless, and some are just Bogus – prices manipulated by insiders (watch the movie Boiler Room)

invest it in something safe like PFF – a preferred stock ETF – pays monthly dividends and is a lot less volatile than anything else out there right now

How To Pick Hot Penny Stocks (Pt.1)

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