What Are Good Penny Stocks

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what are some good penny stocks to invest in right now?

I have some money and I do not want to buy anything or put it in the bank (because I know I will use it) I would rather invest it.

If you’re willing to invest enough, I can fire up an inkjet printer, print out some share certificates for you. Any particular “story” you’re more likely to invest into? e-business, biotech, mines? I can limit the number of shares printed and leak a couple of false reports out to drive the shares up while you’re buying so you think you’re making money. Of course, good luck selling them cause I certainly won’t buy any back and who knows if anyone else will buy.

You might want to invest in something that’s a little harder to manipulate than penny stocks.

Learn to have discipline not to touch money in certain bank accounts and open savings accounts that you will not withdraw from.

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