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personal finance software?

i’m looking to pick up a new budgeting software, compatible with canadian banks would be nice, but overall just a great budgeting/financial program. I’ve used Microsoft Money in the past and was please with it, but before i go out and pick up the latest version (microsoft money plus) should i consider any alternatives that are better? i am not looking for something cheap, or free, or open source. i just want whatever would be the best to cover:

daily banking/balances.
spending categories/breakdowns.
connectivity and balancing through online banks.


Conventional Wisdom says, considering that MS Money and Quicken are pretty even in terms of maturity and capability, it’s hard to come up w/ a good reason to switch.

If you’re not a current user of MS Money, then look to Quicken as an alternative. If you’re a current user of MS Money, there’s no good reason to switch. You already have a decent sized database that only needs upgrading, not conversion to Quicken.

I wouldn’t consider Quickbooks unless you’re going to use it to run a business. Intuit designed Quicken from the beginning for personal finance.

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