Penny Stock Shark

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why does the webpage keep diverting to other sites?

I’ll click on something like youtube and intead it comes up “penny sharks (buy our stock!)” or something and I need a free program that will stop that.
P.S. I just recently got rid of a lot of viruses with like the “antimalware doctor” virus

Sounds like a BHO maybe ( browser helper object ) which is adware crap. Go to the freeware section there has tons of anti-vir and anti-spy apps for free. If you have IE ( internet explorer ) another thing you could do to make your life less painful … is download and install firefox, which is just more secure in general …

Though would still scan for spyware/adware first with some of the higher rated freeware from snapfiles … and may as well use some of their other security software too … I mean its free so why not.

IE, is horrible … like most Micro$oft products its full of holes and security issues … switch to FF, you wont regret it.

Penny Stock Basics Part 1

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