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What Are The Best Penny Stock Pick Web Sites?

What web site can I use to find the best penny stocks to invest in? I want something that I can see the company’s history, stock news, and who they work with. I didn’t know too much about penny stock investing but I want to learn.

While “best” is a subjective term and there is no true answer, I’ve been blogging about penny stocks for five years and i’d be happy to share my favorite penny stock websites. is the homepage for the OTC Bulletin Board. Here you can find information about every stock trading on the OTCBB. I also use this site to get market statistics on all OTCBB stocks, such as “Most Active By Share Volume”, “Daily Gainers”, “Daily Losers” and “Performance By Price Level”. Another useful feature of is to search for “Key Triggers” such as SB-2 filings and reverse mergers. This allows me to discover new public-companies in real-time. provides information about over-the-counter securities quoted on either the OTCBB or pink sheets. I use this website in a very similar fashion to I search for “Symbol Changes” and “Company Name Changes” for stocks quoted on the pink sheets. The site also works great for price quotes (delayed), company filings and short interest. You can also use to create a list of every stock quoted on the pink sheets. is a self-proclaimed penny stock school that discusses current penny stock movers, penny stock news, penny stock promotions and more to registered students. The website also provides Class Trip(TM) Stock Market Documentaries that showcase video footage of the operations, management team and industry for featured penny stocks. is a popular financial blog written by Timothy Sykes. He’s an internet celebrity for turning $12k into $2 million by trading penny stocks. He still trades penny stocks and blogs about all of his trades. The website also offers instructional DVDs on different penny stock trading strategies. is another good source of information about penny stocks. While other financial portals do not publish information about stocks quoted on the OTCBB and/or pink sheets, publishes data on all U.S. securities.

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