How To Trade Penny Stocks Online

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Just find a couple of numbers out for me, and you will get 10 PTS!?

Ok, I am looking for which company I want to use, to put my money in to it, to invest it.

I would like you to find out these numbers; How much it costs to do an online trade per switch, the fee for investing into penny stocks, the minimum deposit, any other fees (yearly, quarterly, and ect.).

Please find the information for OptionsHouse, Fidelity, E*Trade, Scottrade, Ameritrade and Sogotrade.

–Thanks for the help!

P.S.– the more / better the information you provide, the better chance for getting the Best Answer

My opinion? Go with Charles Schwab. I recently opened an account with them and they are fabulous in every way. Here is a breakdown of Schwab:

-$9 fee per stock transaction
-150 free trades to start off (activity is required in order to earn these)
-Unbelievable service, no wait, expect complete satisfaction
-$1000 minimum to open a brokerage account
-The ability to manage all of your assets in basically one account, AND accrue interest on any funds not invested in stock (checking, savings, and brokerage all in one)

Feel free to call Schwab for further details. They will be more than happy to assist you, and are available 24/7 (800-435-4000). Never in my life have a received better customer service.

Any other brokerage service will pretty much abide by the following rules:

-$500-$1000 to open a brokerage account
-$7-$10 transactions
-Limited customer service

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