Where To Invest In Penny Stocks

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If you want to build wealth what’s the most effective way Penny Stocks or Blue Chips?

Penny Stocks will get me there quicker, Blue Chips will be less risky. However, how much profit do you see off Blue Chips anything amazing? How many dividend reinvestments would it take to obtain one more share say for example Mc Donald’s. If I bought one share of McDonald’s how many dividend reinvestments would it take to have 2 shares of McDonald’s? Would I have it within a year or would it take me longer? This will determine if I want to invest in Blue Chips or not. If I hear something I don’t want to hear I’m going with Penny Stocks. What I don’t want to hear is it will take forever for that 1 share to turn to 2 shares. I’m at an age where I should have already had wealth I planned on being a millionaire by 30 years old that was my goal I still have the journal I wrote it down in. LOL I’m 32 years old now and don’t have sh*t! I’m trying to make up for 2 years behind before it’s too late.

buy the best of companies, buy 1 or 2 in each industrial sector.

current yields for the best quality companies is 2% to 4%

seems you’re more than 2 years behind, get serious!

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