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Best penny stock alerts?

There’s,,,, Penny Stocks Finder,, etc. All sound good but which if any is good or the best. Thanks

Before you pay subscription fees, why don’t you simply go to some popular websites where penny stock investors hang out?

Both of these cater to a lot of discussion centered upon pennies, particularly investorshub. On the home page will be a listing of the most heavily tracked stocks. My suggestion would be to look into each of those with appeal for you and then do your own due diligence.

I do a lot of penny stock work, myself. I absolutely never pay for leads. Funny thing about many ardent penny fans is that they enjoy being part of the penny community. I don’t know if this is due to insecurities or the wish to be of value to others…probably a combination of the two. Regardless, there is no reason to pay for information that is readily available without cost.

You probably know that many such services have been exposed for fraudulent activity. I’m always leery of people pushing their faves on me. It makes me wonder if they’re not trying to enlist my help in swaying the stock’s market because they know I advise a number of investors. I steer clear for that reason alone—there is nothing like a clean history of fair dealings.


penny stock finder

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