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Do you miss Pres Clinton: Plenty of jobs, $1 gas, record stock market, budget surpluses etc?

Clinton had the greatest economy in history and then republicans took over in Jan 2001 and turned it into a modern great depression.

What happened to America?

Bush’s first day = 5.7 trillion debt…..ZERO deficit…..great economy

Bush’s last day = 10.6 trillion debt….1.3 TRILLION deficit…..great depression

You decide

By the way, president Bush could of VETOED any spending but never did.

If you try to blame the mess on democrats, please name one law they passed in 2007 that caused the depression.

Debt: US Treasury Dept. – (search for “debt to the penny” for proof)
Clinton Deficit: CBO – Congressional Budget Office – Historical Data (search for “cbo doc10871 historical” for proof)
Bush Deficit: CBO – Congressional Budget Office Testimony before Congress – (search for “cbo doc9958 testimony” for proof)
politifact – truth-o-meter/statements/2010/jan/29/bar…

Feel free to re-post this and Protect America from Republicans

You know what I miss? The time when this exact same rant wasn’t posted over and over by drones trying to prove a point.

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