Penny Stocks Watch

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what are the best penny stocks to watch and buy?

They’re all good to watch. Not many worth buying, unless you like being manipulated.

Anyone with a million dollars or so can pump and dump these stocks and send their prices soaring, so that you get in, then plunging, so that you lose everything very fast.

Or the average guy, you for example, can start a new company building furniture. It’s decent stuff and you have it built in the Caymans so your cost is cheap and you make money. Take the company public and issue stock with an IPO.

When the stock soars on the IPO, sell your shares and start a subsidiary, and put all your money into that new company making T-shirts. Of course, the furniture company’s stock fell considerably, because you took all of the cash out.

When you make money on T-shirts, go public, and when the IPO soars, sell your shares, and buy back the furniture stock at depressed levels. Of course, the T-shirt stock goes down the tubes, because you pulled the cash out, but hey, you’re making a killing onthe stock.

This is legal manipulation. You’ve been warned. Penny stocks are very risky for a reason, or lots of reasons. Buy something with known value, that’s been around awhile, and will continue to be around. So what if you can’t buy as many shares? You can still double your money, and reduce your risk in half, by investing in the future of a stable company not ran or manipulated by shysters.

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