Best Broker For Penny Stocks

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Best online broker for me?

I am currently using Scottrade. I have been trading for almost 3 years and make a decent amount of money off the market (not a great amount, but some extra spending money). I like Scottrade, but I trade very frequently and their commission charge is $7. I was just wondering if their is a better site for me. I was also looking into trading options and penny stocks, and I decided that I would mess around with them a little bit (just $1000 or so). Is there a better site for me, or should I stick with Scottrade? Thanks for any input.

Since you’re not a newbie investor, an advanced broker like Interactive Brokers seems to be more suited as they have $1.00 commissions and are in the top 20 of Large Brokerage firms.

Their Trader Work Station (TWS) take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s meant for higher volume trading, something that gets expensive at $7/trade and other brokers.

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