Penny Picker Theme Change

I have decided to start changing the theme of this blog from penny stocks to ways to save money online and at home. Why the change? Well frankly, I am tired of the whole penny stock scene and don?t want to be a part of it anymore. The industry has too many scammers, hucksters, and people out to make a quick buck. I have said what I can on penny stocks, it will remain for anyone who wishes to read, but I feel it is time to move on.

I will leave my old posts up but don’t expect any new penny stock picker reviews. Over time this blog will be more about saving pennies than making pennies. I am excited about this change in direction and hope to keep the blog active with at least a post every few weeks. This change will not be overnight but will be a process that continues over a year.

One Final Word On Penny Stocks

Beware: The way the penny stock pickers make money is they get a bunch of followers paying for their picks (or they even give picks away free), then they buy/short shares that they will promote to their followers, they announce the pick. If they have enough followers they are able to move these easy to manipulate stocks and get out with a profit. The followers are then left in a race to get out and make a profit or limit their loss. It?s a dirty (and illegal) business and even though I never gave out picks, I no longer want to be a part of it or promote it in anyway.

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