Penny Shares To Buy

penny shares to buy
I’m want to open an acct w/the major trading companies and maybe you guys can help. How does it work?

I will likely open an acct for only $500(I’m young and don’t have much) What is the best company for me? I looked at Charles schwab and it seems I have to buy a min 1,000 shares and still pay $12. I see that other companies only charge $7 or $8. So, basically can I buy 100 shares of something (penny stocks other smaller stocks that are under $5) and only pay $7/8 fee? Let me know. Also, I just opened a 401k w/work w/Fidelity and all my MF dropped yesterday avg 1% after going up the previous week should I be concerned.
Sorry this is sooooo long.

You need money to make money.
Do not bother with opening a brokerage account before you have at least $5000.
$500 is just not enough. Fees make it VERY difficult to make a profit.

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