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A Breakthrough Has Been Announced By Zacks Investment Study For Little Cap Stocks, [Including|Which Includes|S

A breakthrough has been announced by Zacks Investment Investigation for Small Cap Stocks, which includes Jarden Corp. (NYSE: JAH), Sunoco Logistics (NYSE: SXL), Rino International (Nasdaq: RINO), Innophos Holdings (Nasdaq: IPHS) and American Oriental Bio (NYSE: AOB) is known for its Zacks #1 Ranked (Strong Purchase) stocks, and for excellent reason. This group of 220+ stocks has outperformed the S&P 500 since 1988 with an average annual return of has recognized all along a key fact about this small group of #1 Ranked stocks – that not all #1 Ranked stocks were created equal. But it wasn’t until last month, October 2009, that we learned how much better this handful of stocks really were. That’s when our research team drilled acutely into more than 220 current Zacks #1 Ranks, isolated those that are tiny cap stocks and made a astonishing discovery . . .Not all Zacks #1 small-cap stocks are created equal, either.The team blended valuation and growth metrics to transform those Zacks #1 Rank stocks into monsters that almost DOUBLE the gains of our most high-quality and proven market-beaters.What is the only drawback? Zacks can’t recommend these tiny cap stocks to everyone. Zacks can only recommend them to a handful of people. And your chance to be among them is available for only a limited time with an “Exclusive Invitation”.Zacks Investment Analysis has to limit the number of investors who share such fast-moving small-cap stock picks. And provide precise buy/sell timing to take full advantage of them. So Zacks is establishing an exclusive service, the Zacks Little Cap Trader. To get this valuble offer, you’ll have to be invited to get on the Priority List and learn more about it. Already, Zacks is abuzz about this new tiny cap stock picking system. Tiny wonder.Much Bigger Gains Through 10 Years and 2 RecessionsWhen developing the strategy, our stock researchers focused on how stocks performed during the past 10 years, a trying period for the market overall.Here are the facts that even surprised them:* S&P 500 lost an average of -2.8% per year.* Zacks #1 Rank stocks gained +17.6% per year.* Tiny cap stocks #1s jumped +26.4% per year. * Tiny cap stocks #1s with a special blend of growth and valuation metrics scored a whopping +32.7% per year.The New Zacks Small Cap Trader Aims for Tomorrow’s Apples, Googles, WalmartsVirtually all of today’s big, hot stocks started off as tiny cap stocks. Our new service will find such companies that run beneath the radar screens of most investors. These modest cap stocks are beginning to get more analyst coverage, but not enough to attract big institutional dollars just yet. The modest cap stocks are beating expectations with earnings estimates sweeping upward, and they move much more suddenly than mature companies.What could be better? In the history of a company, you generally have one chance to profit from a small-cap stock’s big early move. The Tiny Cap Trader aims for fresh, innovative organizations in the springtime of their development and growth.But let’s emphasize this: No penny stocks here. The Zacks Investment Research strategy only selects small cap stocks that you can trust. That’s why the gains it would have turned up during the past 10 years are even more remarkable and exciting.Here’s a Little Sample of Those Modest Cap Stock GainsDuring the Great Recession in 2008 . . .+32.4% on American Orient Bio (AOB)+101.8% on Innophos Holdings (IPHS)+42.7% on NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc (NPSP)+55.3% on Solarfun Power (SOLF)+57.4% on Sunoco Logistics (SXL)Recently, During 2009 . . .+77.5% on O Charleys (CHUX)+182.4% on Entercom Communications (ETM)+87.2% on Jarden Corp (JAH)+80.2% on Rino International Corp (RINO)+63.1% on Sinclair Broadcasting (SBGI)Just about anyone would be happy with gains like these over a one-year period. But what if you were told you these tiny cap stock gains shown above were mostly made in 4 weeks?That’s the typical holding period for the Zacks Modest Cap Trader, although sometimes the strategy dictates that Zacks lets their profits run. For example, IPHS gained its +101.8% in 16 weeks and JAH reached +87.2% in 8 weeks.Get on the Tiny Cap Trader Priority List TodayIn the Little Cap Trader Invitation, investors will receive private details of this small cap stock service and its methodology. There is no obligation whatsoever to get on the Zacks Little Cap Trader List.Getting on The Modest Cap Trader List is the only way to join an even more select group.So, Again, Why Is This Modest Cap Stock Service So Exclusive?If too many people are jumping on these small-cap stocks, it will be more difficult to profit from them. Zacks Investment Research must restrict access to the exclusive picks.We’re also restricting access to the small-cap stock secrets and methodology.That’s why Zacks created the Priority List and are only admitting a few investors to the new Small Cap Trader. Today, you can position yourself to receive personal alerts on:* What stocks to buy* When to sell them* In-depth commentary on every move* Exact timing* More!As I mentioned, the Priority List closes soon. It’s the only way to arrange for the chance to receive these buy/sell stock picks and daily insights. Add yourself to our Tiny Cap Trader Priority List before it is too late!Please remember that you’ll be entitled to get details, but not obligated to go forward.There’s nothing to sign. No credit card is needed.About Zacks Investment ResearchZacks Investment Study is one of the most highly regarded firms in the investment industry. The guiding principle behind our work is that there must be a very good reason for brokerage firms to spend billions of dollars a year on stock study. Obviously, these investment experts know something special that may be indicative of the future direction of stock prices. From day one, we were determined to unlock that secret knowledge and make it available to our clients to help them improve their investment results.Zacks has been providing investment research to professional investors, brokerage houses and individual investors for decades.Don’t hesitate to find out more about small cap stocks and the Zacks #1 Strong Stock Buys. Plus, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the Tiny Cap Trader exclusive service. Call Zacks Investment Research toll-free at 1.888.775.8348. (Outside the U.S., call 1.312.265.9239.) 

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