Stock Pic

stock pic
Anyone know where I can get some good doll wig stock images or can you help me make some hair for this pic?

I know it looks kinda creepy xD but I got bored last night (well really early this am) and decided to mess with a pic i had on my computer… was going for something completely different but came out with a doll looking thing. I want to finish the pic but I can’t make hair worth crap on the computer so i’ve been trying to find some pictures of wigs to put on it buut… its not turning out so well ^^”

so if you know where I can get a good, non watermarked pic of doll-like hair or if you want to give a crack at it please comment below! If you want to do it I have a picture without the top cut off that I can send.

Thanks =D

I think a really deep blue would work with it

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