Cheap Stocks

cheap stocks
What stocks are cheap, and easy to learn investment?

I noticed that I liked the investment industry and I would like to know what are good stocks to invest in. I don’t want to spend over $100 but I want to make money too. Any tips or anything else would be very helpful.

their is no such thing as a cheap stock, if you want to learn investment i would suggest investing in a good book, the intelligent investor by ben graham is a good start and at around $10 much cheaper than your limit.

$100 is nothing when commissions and other expenses are taken into account, you have to make 30% at least before breaking even, and no one can overcome such odds.

Any thing you trade in now will prove to be expensive as you do clearly do not have the basic grounding in the subject and will invariably lose money if you invest long enough.

You sound young, therefore i would suggest developing your self discipline and money management as things you must be good with first, after that you may become an investor.

happy learning.

Stocks STILL Cheap! Get invested today and make money. 5/14/13 update

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